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Tyres on your vehicle are one of its most important components. At North Devon Tyres our tyre fitting service is designed to provide you with the tyres your car or commercial vehicle needs to perform to its full potential at really competitive prices.

Over 50000 tyres in stock

With over 50,000 tyres in stock we will have the right type of tyre both for your vehicle and your pocket.  Premium brands are recommended for both their long life and excellent performance.  We stock all the leading tyre brands including Continental, Dunlop, Firestone, Goodyear, Michelin and Pirelli.


Across all our locations, North Devon Tyres also stock a complete range of quality mid-range tyres which still carry high levels of tyre performance, but from brands names which are slightly less well known.  


We also have economy tyre brands to suit every budget. All fully guaranteed and meeting the very latest standards.

Tyre Fitters in Devon & Cornwall

Tyres at great prices for cars, vans & agriculture vehicles

  • More responsive braking

  • Safer acceleration and sharper steering due to better tyre grip on the road

  • Causes less wear in tyres resulting in optimal tyre life

  • Saving money with increased fuel economy

Tyres are the vehicle's only point of contact with the road with the actual area of contact between the car and the road being very small. Bald tyres - 'slicks' - may be fine for a race car on a dry track, but no good at all for road vehicles on a wet road surface.


Tyres' treads are designed to pump water from the road surface and provide maximum grip. By the time the tread is worn down to the legal limit they will be unable to perform this task efficiently and MUST be replaced immediately.


Tyres are measured by taking three readings across the width of the tyre. There can be a variation in the readings which could signify different things. For example, a reading of 6, 4, 2 could point to the a need for a wheel alignment check.


Maximum Tyre Tread = 8mm

Minimum Legal Limit = 1.6mm


Drop in for a free tyre safety check

In most circumstances tread depth can be used as a suitable indication of when tyres should be replaced. As well as safety, the benefits of keeping tyres well maintained and at the correct tyre pressure for your vehicle are:

Your local independent tyre centre


North Devon Tyres are the largest independent tyre battery and exhaust dealer in the South West.


With locations  across Devon & Cornwall we offering a complete range of tyre and auto centre services.


We are tyre dealers in  Tiverton, Exeter, Honiton, NDT Autocentre Cullompton, South Molton, Barnstaple, Liskeard and in our Alltyres & Exhausts centre in St Austell.


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